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Relational Cultural Therapy for Perinatal Populations. 

We are piloting our next certificate program, Relational-Cultural Therapy for Perinatal Populations. Relational-cultural therapy was developed by Judith V. Jordan (and has been expanded on by many!)

This approach to therapy views isolation, shame, humiliation, oppression, marginalization, and microaggressions as relational violations and traumas that cause suffering. Relational-cultural therapy suggests that healing and reducing suffering happens through connection, so a primary aim is to help clients feel less alone.

Therapy becomes a place for clients to experience and experiment with relational efficacy, which can then improve other relationships in the client’s life including children, romantic partners, family, friends, and community, as well as their relationship with themselves.

Course Outline 

We think that relational-cultural therapy is a powerful experiential modality that is especially useful for perinatal clients because it offers a way to explore many of the concerns clients bring to sessions: feelings of disconnection, fears about attachment and attunement, relational confusion, loneliness, and the cultural roles and expectations of parents.

Topics examined in this training include: 

✔️ The principles of growth fostering relationships and relational efficacy

✔️ Building the therapeutic skills of emotional presence, authenticity, and attunement

✔️ Naming and working with the connections and disconnections that are felt in relationships

✔️ Supporting clients through the processing of relational violations and traumas

✔️ Identifying the links between parenting relational expectations and mood 

When: TBA


 *Please note that the pilot training is now full. If you are interested in taking this course in the future, please add your name to the interest list and we will contact you when it is being offered again.

Want to learn more about Relational Cultural Theory? Watch this video: 

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