Birth & Reproductive Trauma Certificate Program. 

The Birth and Reproductive Trauma Certificate Program is offered for mental health professionals with a special interest in supporting clients that have experienced birth and reproductive trauma. 

You will explore targeted processes for helping affected families process and move past difficult and grief-filled experiences. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

You also have the option to obtain your Canadian Certified - Birth and Reproductive Trauma Certificate (CC-BRT). This requires three hours of one-on-one clinical consultation sessions or six hours of small group consultation.

CC-BRT Course Outline 

Module 1:

✔️ The Neurobiology of Trauma

✔️ Perinatal Trauma Aware Intakes and Assessment

✔️ Counseling Tools and Skill Practice

When: February 5 (9:30-1:30 PT / 12:30-4:30 ET)

Module 2:

 ✔️ Trauma Related to Fertility, Early Loss, Mid Pregnancy Loss, Termination, and Pregnancy 

✔️ Intergenerational Trauma

✔️ Counseling Tools and Skill Practice

When: February 6 (9:30-1:30 PT / 12:30-4:30 ET)


Module 3:

✔️ Trauma Related to Birth, NICU, Late Loss, Stillbirth, Infant Loss, Feeding 

✔️ Case Conceptualization and Working with PTSD

✔️ Counseling Tools and Skill Practice

When: February 7 (9:30-1:30 PT / 12:30-4:30 ET)

Module 4:

✔️ Healing Modalities, Resourcing, and Complex PTSD

✔️ Prepping for Future Pregnancies

✔️ Counseling Tools and Skill Practice

When: February 8 (9:30-1:30 PT / 12:30-4:30 ET)

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We offer professional development for perinatal mental health professionals. Our trainings are inter-professional; we welcome social workers, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, OB’s, psychiatrists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, family doctors, community organizers, pediatricians, coaches, or sleep consultants.

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